How Can AP Automation Save a Finance Team Time?

AP Automation is not a new thing, organisations have been investing in this for many, many years. Following the market trends and accessing new technologies and solutions. However, for organizations that have not invested, or have not revisited the market for more than a couple of years, one important question is at the forefront of

B2B Financial Processes Are Still Too Slow

Why, in an age where information, transactions and engagement are almost instant, do so many organisations still slow down when interacting in a B2B environment? Can B2B Learn From B2C Practices? As we know, B2C engagement has long been the primary focus of business, and rightly so, this is what pays the bills. Offering your

Importance of Capture Rate & Process Management

Is a capture rate of 99.5% accurate? Before Capture Rate… Before we talk about capture rates we should first discuss how the information from an invoice is entered into a finance system. There are many options but the most common three being manual entry by an accounts payable clerk, outsourcing your invoices to be processed

Transforming Accounts Payable through Automation : 5 Benefits

We now live in a world where a new class of digital tools are reshaping almost every aspect of business communication and interaction. You don’t have to look far to see the spectacular impact of cloud, robotics, analytics, artificial intelligence, automation and more. These are some of the digital disruptors along with transforming accounts payable

Streamline for Invoices, the 3rd generation AP platform from ITESOFT

Digital transformation offers new horizons for AP invoice and document capture. Most companies still use fax and paper capture solutions but with digital transformation, companies are rethinking their approach for collecting and digitalizing their information. This includes integrating a modern AP platform capable of quickly reading and processing invoices from multiple sources in multiple formats...