Have You, or Are You Currently, Exploring Automation for AP or Finance?

A question that we often ask people and organizations. After all, if people are not interested in exploring automation for AP then the chances are we are not going to be speaking all that often… With this in mind, this question forms the backbone of a complimentary webinar that ITESOFT will be hosting in October.

Why You Should Be Looking to Automate Accounts Payable Now

Have you always thought about automating your Accounts Payable process, but keep pushing it further and further down your list of priorities? Let’s talk about why you should be looking to automate your AP now, before 2019 rears its ugly head. Q4, or H2, is the best time to be looking to automate. Whether your

How Can AP Automation Save a Finance Team Time?

AP Automation is not a new thing, organisations have been investing in this for many, many years. Following the market trends and accessing new technologies and solutions. However, for organizations that have not invested, or have not revisited the market for more than a couple of years, one important question is at the forefront of

A lot of people are confused about what Invoice Automation REALLY is

I have spoken with a hundreds, if not thousands, of people who work in Accounts Payable departments and every single one of them has a different understanding of invoice automation. Invoice Automation Beliefs Some people believe that a having a supplier portal counts as invoice automation (this one I can understand!), others tell me that

“If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”… or should we?

I have often heard the phrase “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it” when discussing accounts payable automation with many different levels of finance professionals who can’t see the problems caused by manually processing invoices when compared to an automated process. Whilst leaving processes running the way they have been for the past 10 to